Metricon | Chris and Nicole

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Approached by Metricon Homes to produce a high end, story focused, testimonial video production piece for their Dual Occupancy development; we were very excited to tell the story of Chris and Nicole and to capture their experience building a Metricon Dual Occupancy home. Shot on our in house Black Magic Design Cinema Camera in 6K

Metricon | The BAYVILLE

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Approached by Metricon Homes to produce a high end, lifestyle focused, editorial piece; we were very excited to produce this incredible film that showcases not only the Signature by Metricon Bayville property, but also the incredible lifestyle available to anyone living in such an iconic home. Shot on a RED Epic W in 8K and

Ryan Bowles


FINAL ADVERTISEMENT SAMPLE COURSE CONTENT What a privilege it has been working with Ryan Bowles to produce his Create or Die course content! A challenging shoot over 8 weeks with an ambitious idea to include a top down camera to capture Ryan writing on his white-board during the hour long video modules. We wanted to