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Approached by Metricon Homes to produce a high end, story focused, testimonial video production piece for their Dual Occupancy development; we were very excited to tell the story of Chris and Nicole and to capture their experience building a Metricon Dual Occupancy home.

Shot on our in house Black Magic Design Cinema Camera in 6K and rendered out to a 4K high res online delivery upload, we assisted pre-production with creative brief, story-boarding and shot list development alongside the incredible Metricon team and carried out all of the finer details on the shoot, along with taking care of all pre-production planning, shooting the property and all editing and colour grading of the final piece. Add to that the process of transcription of 2 main interview scenes with Chris and Nicole along with high level production assistance from start to finish, we truly felt honoured to produce such a high end testimonial video production piece for Metricon and always find it such a blast to work with the Melbourne video marketing team – they are all such legends and heaps of fun!

We recently received feedback that the final testimonial video production film we produced for Metricon homes was very well received and although we don’t like blowing our own trumpet, we heard from Metricon’s marketing team lead that the piece exceeded their expectations and was really well received across the board. This wasn’t all us and was down to solid planning and having a clear production strategy from the outset, what was on us though was what Metricon mentioned afterwards, that the entire production process carried out was a pleasure for them and was much different and they said “smoother” than anyone they’d previously worked with before. This is something we share because we take pride in this aspect of our approach and the support we bring to our clients throughout the production journey. There are many out there producing great work, but the client journey is something we take seriously and it’s great that this has resinated with Metricon team and resonates with all clients.

That’s the kind of feedback we want to continue to develop with Metricon on future projects. We hope you enjoy hearing from Chris and Nicole about their DualOcc journey.

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