Ryan Bowles




What a privilege it has been working with Ryan Bowles to produce his Create or Die course content! A challenging shoot over 8 weeks with an ambitious idea to include a top down camera to capture Ryan writing on his white-board during the hour long video modules. We wanted to bring the viewer into Ryan’s space and really connect them to the flow and feel of him and his course content. Shooting the main shot in 4K and then rendering it down to a full HD 2 camera shoot in post meant that we could include 2 cameras without any loss of engagement from an off camera shot. This turned out to be a real game changing decision to keep engagement high for the entire series. The quality we have come to be known for is also present in the video’s we have produced for Ryan Bowles on the Gold Coast Australia. We are proud of Ryan and proud of the work we have produced for him. Check it out here Create or Die Website


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