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Beau Hudson is a fusion of on trend simplistic fashion designs with a timeless style evident in every piece of clothing. Located on Australia’s Gold Coast, the company is owned and run by husband & wife team, Roscoe & Sash. Working directly with Sasha and Roscoe, we were given a brief to produce a fashion video telling the Beau Hudson story so far. Some of the touch points for the fashion video included lifestyle and family feel with emotion and inspiration captured for the final edit. After collaborating on the fashion video concept we then prepared our basic storyboard and interview outline. This level of production was on quite a large scale with strong planning requiring exact execution to capture the true essence of the Beau Hudson story.

Our Services
* Collaborate on overall concept
* Produce complete shot list and storyboard
* Produce complete interview outline
* Conduct entire interview
* Plan and direct multiple shoot days
* Acquire royalty free backing track
* Carry out all cinematography & filming
* Carry out all editing of captured footage into completed story
* Record, edit, mix & mastering of all audio
* Perform final colour grading
* Design and placement of end titles

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