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The Toddler Life Program is a real game changer. Created by twin mama and sleep consultant Kylie Camps, this program provides the perfect mix of kind parenting techniques with evidence-based methods.

Pendula had two major goals while working with The Sleep Mama. Our first objective was to create excitement around the launch of The Sleep Mama’s brand new Toddler Life Program while also highlighting the key selling features of the program. We did this by focusing on the key areas of the program we believed would be best received by the viewer thus converting the viewer to a customer.

It was important for us to present our promotional video in a way that was authentically Kylie and embodied the personality of The Sleep Mama brand. We wanted the Toddler Life video to look and feel like it was produced in house by The Sleep Mama and we achieved this by incorporating the incredible Sophie Bell’s illustrated text elements, upbeat electronic music, fun and happy imagery, a homely feel to the family shots and sun, sand and surf visual elements throughout.

We hope you enjoy watching this promotional video as much as we enjoyed creating it.


Over 5000 views Via Youtube – Toddler LifeKylie Camps

22,000 views + 132 shares via Facebook and 16,000 views on Instagram @Thesleepmama

Our Services
* Collaborate on overall concept
* Produce complete shot list and storyboard
* Produce complete interview outline
* Conduct entire interview
* Plan and direct multiple shoot days
* Acquire royalty free backing track
* Carry out all cinematography & filming
* Carry out all editing of captured footage into completed story
* Record, edit, mix & mastering of all audio
* Perform final colour grading
* Design and placement of end titles

More about The Toddler Life program.

The Toddler Life Program is endorsed by award-winning children’s psychologist Funda Yolal and will help every parent become more conscious of their parenting approach, introduce helpful strategies, minimise frustration and enjoy toddler hood. The Toddler Life Program is more than just a parenting manual, it provides access to our forum. We have created a space for mum’s, dad’s and carers to share their highs, lows and everything else in between when it comes to raising toddlers. The forum is managed by our early childhood expert, allowing you access to ask questions, share thoughts and gain valuable insights from an industry professional.