We’re an end to end video production studio who work with businesses to develop a balanced, targeted and relevant visual presence in a crowded digital landscape; letting their stories develop into powerful selling tools that boost market reach and drive up sales – and we would love to do the same for you.




  • – Chris Hassell, Hasl Haus

    We contracted Pendula to do a video for our website that could also be used for television advertising. Michael and Jordan put together a brief for the project, tweeked it with me and then we proceeded to film it in our showroom. The final outcome has been extremely well received and reviewed on our website. There is so much talent with this production house. They are worthwhile to invest with.

    – Chris Hassell, Hasl Haus
  • – Ryan Bowles, The Sunday Co

    Absolutely love working with Michael and Jordan at Pendula. Was incredibly easy to strike up a relationship and that definitely made all the difference. If you’re looking for a team who work super well together and are able to extract the juice from every story they tell, look no further – Pendula are the real deal.

    – Ryan Bowles, The Sunday Co
  • – Brad Martin Turner, BMT Custom Guitars

    Working with Pendula was just awesome.  They know how to interview and shoot to capture the essence of your business story and their final edit truly reflected myself and my overall brand message. They were very professional and their turnaround time more than exceeded my expectations.  I can highly recommend their production services.

    – Brad Martin Turner, BMT Custom Guitars
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