Medical Developments International

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At Pendula, we take pride in capturing the essence of your products through our lens, and our recent collaboration with Medical Developments International (MDI) was no exception. We had the privilege of working closely with MDI to create a stunning portfolio of 40 high-resolution images showcasing their cutting-edge respiratory products “On The Go” and “In The Home”. This project was a testament to the power of partnership, where creativity and precision converged to deliver results that exceeded expectations.

Our photography team was able to capture the quality and ease of use of MDI’s respiratory product line, highlighting their innovation, quality, and portraying the peace of mind their products bring to the end user, both in the home and whilst out and about. Through a meticulous blend of creativity, planning and technical execution, we were able to capture the products in their finest detail, whilst staying true the authentic portrayal of the most common use cases.

A project of this magnitude wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication and skills of our exceptional team. A very well done to each one of team who were able to bring the story of MDI’s respiratory products to life.

Our MDI project’s success hinged on meticulous pre-production and adequate planning. Our dedicated producer managed talent scouting, prepared wardrobe mood boards for our stylist, secured filming permits for the public location shoot and scouted a number of properties to land on the perfect home for this shoot, ensuring MDI’s vision was realised seamlessly. This streamlined process allowed MDI to focus on their core business during the planning stage and resulted in a flawless production that captured the essence of their respiratory products with limited input from them except for final approvals.

Art Director: Michael Drowley
Asst Producer: Jordan Donaldson
Photographer: Didier Kasjan
1st Assistant: Daniel Hassett
Digi Op: Alexander Pomnikow
Wardrobe Stylist: Chantelle Trnovsky Symonds
Hair and Make-up: Nadine Muller