Metricon Place

Engaged by Metricon Homes to produce this feature of the incredible Metricon Place in Robina on the Gold Coast. We were briefed and engaged to produce a corporate communications piece that connected the entire space visually to highlight it’s brilliance in terms of function and architecture but also we were asked to connect the viewer and emotionally bring the space to life for the viewers. This was achieved with the cinematic visuals captured and also the use of the cinematic underscore to glue the entire piece and range of shots captured together. This was also strengthened by the personal elements of filming the snippets of the people within the space. This gave the piece the life that it needed to really convey the message of a connected space with a lot of potential to create connection throughout the space with others.

Client: Metricon Corporate Marketing
Client Lead: Byron Bailey
Director: Michael Drowley
DOP: Sam Fregonese
Drone Operator: Michael Drowley/Sam Fregonese
Producer: Michael Drowley
Editor: Michael Drowley
Colourist: Michael Drowley