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Podcast Patch File for GarageBand

If you are based in Melbourne and new to podcasting and you are just wanting to try it out and have a go at it, there is a great Mac based program that has assisted us to produce great quality productions for our video production company Melbourne based clients. That program is GarageBand.

After setting up Pendula video production company Melbourne’s home base and moving myself from QL down to the city of Melbourne to produce high end and engaging videos and film productions, I realised that our existing clients needed some way to setup their own GarageBand in a way that took off all the audio processing so that they could provide me in Melbourne with high quality podcast audio that I could then produce for them on my end. In order to achieve this I went ahead and created a Patch file that allows my video production company Melbourne and podcast production Melbourne based clients to turn off all effects with just one click on the patch file menu.

I thought that this might be helpful to other Melbourne based video and podcast production companies so I have provided it below, please feel free to use it for your own video production audio production and Melbourne based film productions and also use it to help you produce amazing sounding audio.

I went ahead and created the below PATCH for you to install on your computer for GarageBand to remove all the audio effects with a single click.

Firstly click here to download NoEffects.patch file and then check out the video above. Note: the link will directly download NoEffects.patch file and it will then be available in your Downloads folder in Finder.

I hope this helps you to get great audio out of GarageBand for your upcoming Podcast.