Read Write Ready

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The founders of Read Write Ready, a pre-school educational startup company, contacted us to produce a video to help launch their business. It had to be fun and engaging and highlight their services and unique approach to a wider audience. The founders wanted to ensure that we authentically captured the heart behind starting Read Write Ready. The main video elements were captured over a single day shooting, with a further half day conducted at the first Read Write Ready “playdate” event. The outcome of the final film has received well over 6000 views and 75 shares on Facebook, helping Kerri and Corinne fill up their first ever Playdate with no seats remaining.

Over 6,000 views + 75 shares via Facebook – Read Write Ready
Enabled the founders to fill up seats at their first ever “playdate” seminar held.

Our Services
* Collaborate on overall concept
* Produce complete interview scope and outline
* Conduct entire interview
* Plan and direct multiple shoot days
* Acquire royalty free backing track
* Carry out all cinematography & filming
* Carry out all editing of captured footage into completed story
* Record, edit, mix & mastering of all audio
* Perform final colour grading
* Design and placement of end titles