Hasl Haus

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Established in 1993 Hasl are highly experienced craftspeople who create and deliver iconic kitchen, bathroom and home renovations on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. We were given a brief from owner and director Chris Hassell to produce a video showcasing one of Hasl Haus’ premier apartment transformations in Broadbeach, Gold Coast. Our production team got to work straight away and provided concept and scripting services, then carried out all shooting, editing and final colour grading. The project ran to tight deadlines for the duration of the production and we delivered an on time and on brief final product that truly reflects the high end feel and flow to Chris and Hasl Haus’ design philosophy.

Our Services
* Produce storyboard
* Produce scripting outline
* Direct interview and shoot
* Acquire royalty free backing track
* Carry out all cinematography and filming
* Carry out all editing of captured footage
* Record, edit, mix and mastering of all audio
* Perform final colour grading