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The Power Of Video

Video has fast become the go to platform to develop cutting edge and authentic marketing campaigns online. Moreover, much of the power of video stems from how hard wired it is to our individual social media landscapes and personal communication devices. There is simply no denying the huge potential online and social media reach a quality video truly has.

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Pendula explain the power of video in this blog post. This will help you harness the power of video for your Gold Coast Business. Contact Pendula today.

It’s not just our opinion either. A recent body of research from VidYard suggests video is one of the most effective marketing mediums online. Equiped with such research, businesses, industry experts and even individuals with a message to tell are dedicating a larger portion of their marketing budgets to developing high impact online videos. And in 2017, you should be doing exactly the same.

Richard Tiland of New Evolution Video suggests that “video is beyond entertainment” and goes on to say that “it has become a critical component in business, politics, communication, social media and even in music.” Tiland concludes that “the power of video is the ability to effectively share beliefs and impact audiences from the comfort” of ones own surrounds [, June 2014].

Diode Digital discovered that 60% of site visitors will watch a video if available and Forrest Research found that a website is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of a search engine’s results page if it includes a video [, Oct 2015].  Yes, that was their findings, video could boost your sites google ranking 50 fold.

Furthermore, according to Cisco [, Feb 2016], “online video accounts for 50% of mobile traffic, and is predicted to become 75% by the end of 2016.”  This means that video can penetrate your potential customers while they are on the move, and isn’t only effective when they are in front of a computer screen.

We believe in the power of video and it’s clearly become the final frontier of content marketing. And this isn’t just because we love to create it for our clients, rather, it’s because we understand that you can communicate so much to your audience in such a short amount of time through a quality video. Much more than lines of great copy on your webpage, video helps your customers visualise themselves engaging with you, your brand, product or the amazing services you offer, and this is why video is incredibly powerful.  It paints a mental picture and casts a vision before any decision process has even begun.

By linking video to social media landscapes, it can also engage with potential customers who may not have ever known you or your business existed prior to coming across your video on their social feed. You see, video is actually a catalyst that kickstarts the buying process and connects emotionally with audiences, so much more so than your website or cold calling ever will.

We’ve spent the last 2 years educating and delivering high end and engaging content that our clients have used as powerful selling tools that have boosted market reach and driven up sales. We believe it’s the only way to market your business in 2017 and beyond!

Leave us a comment below if you think so too, we’d love to hear from you.  Or get in touch today to discuss how you can harness the power of video for your business.