more than just video guys

Pendula is a full service video production company based on the Gold Coast. We specialise in high quality video production, corporate business video, documentary filmmaking and television commercials. Producing high end and engaging video content is what we love to do. We truly believe in the power of video and the marketability of authentic storytelling. Whether for engaging social content or a killer corporate video, we collaborate with our clients and bring their stories to life.

Video is the most cutting edge and growing media platform that exists for business development in the areas of strategic marketing, corporate advertising, authentic storytelling and brand evangelism. That’s why we consistently deliver for our clients, at the highest possible industry standards available, to enable them to build strategy around engaging new customers and increasing sales.

We also offer general film production support personnel for bigger projects. If you need a Producer for a TVC or a Cinematographer for a documentary film we have the network to connect you with the right personnel, every time.
At our core, we are a production house of creative mindsets, connected by our passion for visual storytelling, and as close to one-another as family.  We’re risk takers, who push boundaries and deconstruct status quo’s, in order to authentically communicate stories that demand a response. This is what we feel we were born to do.
We’d love an opportunity to talk with you about your next big video production or whatever you need help bringing to life.  Why don’t you head on over to our contact page and let us know about it?  We love discussing new projects so much, we’ll drop everything and make sure we get back to you straight away.