Corporate Video Advertisements

Working directly with the founder and managing director, the Pendula Team were given a brief to produce corporate video advertisements showcasing SenseAgent at work in an office environment. Some of the touch points of the corporate video advertisements included corporate feel and emotive flow to the music bed and final edit. After developing the corporate video advertisements, storyboards and voice over script, our production team proceeded to contract an actor to portray a CEO working within a SenseAgent managed environment, and our team sourced a professional voice-over artist to communicate SenseAgent’s core message with strength and clarity. This level of production was on quite a large scale, with multiple shoot days, hire of a 4K RED camera and involvement of location scouting and strong planning requiring exact execution to capture the true essence of SenseAgent.

Our Services
* Develop overall concept
* Produce complete shot list and storyboard
* Produce complete scripting
* Plan and direct multiple shoots
* Acquire professional actor and voice-over artist services
* Acquire royalty free backing track
* Carry out all cinematography & filming
* Carry out all editing of captured footage
* Record, edit, mix & mastering of all audio
* Perform final colour grading
* Design and placement of end titles